June 26, 2011

Dengue, makontrol babaen ti panagdaldalus,kuna ti Dept. of Health

Iti laksid ti agtultuloy a yaadu dagiti mairepreport a kaso ti dengue iti pagilian, natalek ti Department of Health (DoH) nga agkuna a mabalin a makontrol ti panagwaras ti sakit, a maysa a pangta iti publiko.

Segun ken ni DoH Secretary Enrique Ona a no agtitinnulong laeng dagiti umili, makontrol ti yaadu ti kaso ti dengue.

“Pakaseknan ti amin ti dengue, ngem no agtitinnulongtayo, makontrol daytoy,” kuna ti Sekretario.

Kagiddan daytoy, kiniddaw ni Ona dagiti umili nga agtitinnulongda a mangdalus iti aglawlawda, kasta met dagiti para publiko a pagadalan, simbaan, tiendaan, ken dagiti komunidad, kas paset dagiti aktibidad ti DoH kontra iti dengue.

Impalagip ni Ona a ti kabilegan a panglaban iti nasao a sakit a maala manipud iti kagat ti lamok ket isu ti panagdaldalus ken panangdadael kadagiti lugar a mabalin a pagnaedan dagiti lamok a nagimet iti dengue.

Segun iti report ti DoH, nga iti umuna nga innem a bulan daytoy a tawen, umabot iti 27,071 dagiti kaso ti dengue iti pagilian.

Iti nasao a bilang, 172 ti kompirmado a natay.

Nababbaba ketdi ti nasao a bilang iti 4.2 porsiento no maidilig iti nairekord a 28,234 a kaso iti napalabas a tawen iti isu met laeng a tiempo.

Karaman kadagiti nabiktima ti sakit kadagiti agedad laeng iti awan pay maysa a bulan agingga iti 89 anios.

Ad-adu latta dagiti lallaki a mabiktima nga adda iti 53 porsiento iti pakabuklan a kaso gapu ta ti la pappapanan dagiti ubbing a lallaki; ngarud, masansan nga addada kadagiti lugar a pagaayat a pagnaedan dagiti lamok.

Nipablaak iti Bannawag, Hulio 4, 0 a bilang.


The NCCA Writers’ Prize is a biennial award given to five (5) writers, one for each of the following categories: Poetry (Waray language), Novel ( Cebuano language), Essay (Bicolano language), Short Story (Panay language) and Drama (Filipino language). The award, in the amount of TWO HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS gross, will assist the winner during the writing stage of the project. The award is good for one year, after which a manuscript of the writing project will be submitted to the NCCA for possible publication or staging. The Novel manuscript shall be submitted to the Man Asia Literary Prize as official entry of the Philippines, after it has been translated into the English language and published by the NCCA.

The NCCA, in line with its mission to “encourage the continuing development of a pluralistic culture by the people themselves,” will be creating the opportunity to have a direct hand in the development of Filipino literature. With the cash award, the NCCA Writers Prize winners will be freed from the demands of their work and shall be able to focus on the writing of the complete manuscript for one year.

The award is open to all Filipino writers, of legal age, except to the officers and members of the NCCA Secretariat and the incumbent Executive Council Members of the NCCA Committee on Literary Arts.

For the 2011 NCCA Writers Prize competition, the following shall be the requirements in the submission of entries:

1. Applicants must submit an accomplished application form, which is available at the NCCA Planning, Policy Formulation, and Programming Division (P/PFPD) (download application form), together with the applicant’s curriculum vitae; with a 3 – 5 page concept paper discussing the rationale and significance of the project, and the initial output of the project which shall be submitted in four (4) printed copies. For 2011, the categories and the expected initial output for each category are:

Category Initial Output

1. Novel – Cebuano language First 50 pages

2. Poetry – Waray language 10 poems; 1 poem per page

3. Short Story – Panay language First three chapters with a total

minimum of 50 pages

4. Drama – Filipino language 1-act for a full length drama and

two (2) 1-act plays

5. Essay – Bicolano language First 3 essays of no less than

50 pages

All the sample works shall be in typewritten form. Spacing shall be double space, Font shall be Arial 11. Manuscript and concept paper shall not bear the name of the applicant in any of the pages. All manuscripts received with identifying marks shall be disqualified.

2. Applicants are allowed to apply only in one (1) category.

3. Applications will be evaluated by an Ad Hoc Screening Committee, the lists of the members of the Screening Committee for each category shall be provided by the Committee on Literary Arts. There will be three members of the Ad-Hoc Screening Committee per category.

4. The Award will be released in four tranches, with the first tranche to be given during the Awards Ceremony at the beginning of the writing period and the succeeding tranches upon submission of the following percentage of the writing project:

2nd tranche - 50% of the writing project

3rd tranche - 75% of the writing project

4th tranche - 100% of the writing project

5. The NCCA shall give the awardees one year to finish their manuscripts. The NCCA will allow a maximum extension of six (6) months only with written justification from the awardee.

6. Completed manuscript by the winners, which means that it is 100% completed, must be submitted in two forms: Two (2) printed copies and two (2) electronic copies in MSWord format in a diskette. The completed project output shall be as follows:

Category Project Output

1. Novel – Cebuano language Minimum of 50,000 words

2. Poetry – Waray language 30 poems

3. Short Story – Panay language Minimum of 15 chapters

4.. Drama – Filipino language 2 or more acts for a full-length

drama and five (5) 1-act plays

5. Essay – Bicolano language 12 essays or no less than

200 pages

7. The award is non-transferable. All privileges shall be enjoyed by the winner himself/herself based on the successful evaluation of the work in progress. A member from the Ad-Hoc Screening Committee of each category shall be assigned as Reader to evaluate the succeeding materials to be submitted by the winner. Upon submission of the positive evaluation of the Reader for the second and third tranches, the corresponding amounts shall be released immediately to the winner. However, for the fourth tranche, the same will be released only upon completion of evaluation of the completed manuscript by the Reader. Revisions, however, may be recommended by the Reader. Only upon final approval of the completed manuscript shall the final tranche be released to the winner.

8. Deadline of submission of application together with the curriculum vitae of applicant and other requirements shall be on June 30, 2011. All applications shall be addressed to:

2011 NCCA WRITERS’ PRIZE Secretariat
Planning, Policy Formulation and Programming Div. (P/PFPD) - Institutional Programs
National Commission for Culture and the Arts
NCCA Building, 633 General Luna St.
Intramuros, Manila

Attention: Frances S. Alincastre
Planning Officer III

9. Entries that were not selected shall not be returned anymore.

10. Works may deal with any topic, but those dealing with environmental issues and climate change are also welcome.


1. The winner hereby grants the NCCA the first option to publish the completed manuscript. The NCCA will have the right to produce or authorize to be produced, for staging, telecasting, broadcasting, or cinema or other forms of exhibition from time to time any output of the winning manuscripts. The NCCA will also be allowed to include the completed manuscripts in the NCCA Website. The first option to publish of the NCCA expires one year after completion of the writing project.

2. It is understood that the entry submitted has not been submitted to any other award body or has not received any prize and is not a completed manuscript but a work in progress. Any violation of the guidelines shall mean withdrawal of the prize and any amount paid to the winner shall be returned to the NCCA. The award then will be transferred to the person who garnered the second highest votes during the Screening of the materials.

For inquiries,please contact Ms. Frances S. Alincastre at tel. No. 527-21-92, loc. 503 or 527-2214 (DL), and e-mail address: haraya_naaw@ncca.gov.ph.

Date and Time:
Thu, Jun 30, 2011 - 8:00am - 5:00pm


The National Book Development Board (NBDB) is calling upon authors with manuscripts for books with the following topics to apply for grants: Health and Wellness; Environment and Biodiversity; and an English translation of a novel originally written in a regional language or a novel originally written in English satisfying the conditions below.

1. All applicants must satisfy the conditions provided for in Rule VI Section 3 of the Implementing Rules and Guidelines of RA 9521. (go to www.nbdb.gov.ph for the IRR)

2. The deadline for the submission of proposals/applications for a grant shall be August 15, 2011.

3. All manuscripts should be in 12-point type, with at least one-inch margins, and sequentially numbered pages in 8 ½” x 11” bond paper in triplicate copies. A digital copy should also be included in the submission. The author’s name, address, telephone number, and email address should be typed at the top of the first page. Contributors are asked to include a brief biographical note with their submissions.

4. Chosen authors will be given a grant of P200,000.00 each. Grantees will be announced during Philippine Book November 2011 or on a suitable date chosen by the NBDB.

5. Should there be no manuscript of good quality as determined by constituted advisory committees on the chosen topics, the NBDB reserves the right not to award a grant to any applicant.


A duly accomplished Application Form

The applicant’s curriculum vitae (in the case of a juridical entity, its SEC, BIR, DTI and/or CDA registrations, as may be applicable, and the curriculum vitas of the authors of the proposed project);

A sworn statement indicating that the applicant’s project is an original and unpublished work, and that the applicant has authored/produced the work;
A proposal on the project to be undertaken; and

Either of the following:
Triplicate copies and a digital copy of a draft equivalent to twenty-five percent (25%) or more of the entire manuscript, research or multimedia work in progress; or
Triplicate copies and a digital of a draft of the manuscript, research or multimedia work to be rewritten or improved upon prior to publication (such as, but not limited to, a thesis or dissertation to be rewritten into book form)

For further requirements, refer to the Rules and Regulations Implementing Republic Act No. 9521 which may be downloaded from http://www.nbdb.gov.ph/.

Date and Time:
Mon, Aug 15, 2011 (All day)

Call for Submissions to Paper Monster Press's Dream Pop Issue

After setting the mood with the seductive flair of our "S/Trip-Hop Issue," we will now be leading you into a lovely afterglow with the "DREAM POP ISSUE."

Melodies taking you on an out-of-body experience; rhythms wrapping you up in a blanket of spacious soundscapes; and voices resonating like an echo-laden remix of your favorite bedtime lullaby. Dream Pop is the kind of music that keeps you awake yet under the sheets in a trancelike state at any hour of the day. It is atmospheric and ethereal ... And that is precisely what Paper Monster's fourth issue is all about.

It may seem like such an underground subgenre, but in fact, Wikipedia has its own looong alphabetical list of dream pop artists. If you can get an aural picture of Kevin Shield's (My Bloody Valentine) indulgence for delayed and distorted guitar effects with Elizabeth Fraser's (Cocteau Twins) or Hope Sandoval's (Mazzy Star) sleepy-eyed vocals; and Anthony Gonzalez's (M83) blurry and up-front synthesizer tones, then it's quite easy to catch our drift.

Once again, we are calling all literary, visual and sound artists to give us their personal interpretations of DREAM POP in the form/s of:

LITERARY ART: We accept poetry, literary essays, critical essays, microfiction, reviews of Paper Monster Press issues 1-3, and ekphrasis works.

VISUAL ART: We accept new media art, installation art, abstract expressionism, lowbrow, graffiti, body art, pop art, photography etc. (any kind of visual art, basically).

SOUND ART: We accept sounds that embody dream pop. Think spacious, ambient, steady, atmospheric,ethereal.

General Guidelines:

All works must be submitted to papermonsterpress@yahoo.com.

Each contributor may submit 3 works ONLY from each category. That means you may submit 3 literary works, 3 artworks, and 3 musical pieces, but no more than that. This is to give space and a chance to others.

Submissions must be loosely/closely based on the dream pop genre of music.

The EIC’s laptop is Buddhist, so aside from attaching text submissions, kindly paste the contents of your piece to the body of your e-mail.

Submit literary pieces in English or Filipino. We do not have the capacity to read and/or translate foreign languages as well as local dialects at the moment. Works should not exceed 500 words.

Submit artworks in JPEG format. We accept both colored and black or white art, but please be reminded that PMP will only have a colored cover, the rest of the zine will be in black and white.

Submit sounds in MP3 format.

If your piece is inspired by a dream pop artist/work, kindly state the artist/work from which your piece sprang from.

PMP religiously follows the process of selecting and editing. We stand by our editors’ decisions. Please, don’t feel bad if your work wasn’t selected for an issue. There’s going to be lots more of Paper Monster Press in the future.

For updates, just check the Paper Monster Press Facebook page (www.facebook.com/papermonsterpress).

Deadline for this issue: JUNE 30, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, let us now get ready to float in space...

The Editors

Date and Time:
Thu, Jun 30, 2011 (All day)

Sound, Music and Poetry Taught by Poet Marc Gaba

“Is that violence or violins.” - Lyn Hejinian3 Sunday Afternoon Sessions, June 26, July 3 And July 10, 20113:00 PM – 5:00 PM at Krem Contemporary Art, 27 Scout Ybardolaza StreetCLASS FEE: P 1,200.00 inclusive of class readingsFive (5) slots only. Call or text 0916-293-8777 now.

Does the music of your poetry express the complex feelings you intend? This class will help you find out.Designed for serious writers and beginners, this is not a workshop but a class in technique. We will study sound patternings and phraseology, scansion, modulations of volume in the creation of audible gestures. Through exercises, lectures and compositional assignments unheard of in poetry classes, we will sharpen your ability to detect the expressive nuances of sound in language. The end goal is for you to learn to hear in precise terms how you sound on the pageReading and listening list includes Shakespeare (and pop music version of one of his sonnets), Beethoven, Stephen Sondheim, club music, Jose Garcia Villa, Basho, Laura Mullen, Lyn Hejinian, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Sandra Miller, Ricardo de Ungria and Bjork. We will also look at a Kandinsky.

Songwriters are welcome.

Marc Gaba studied Creative Writing at the University of the Philippines and received his MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. He won a Palanca in 1998. His poems have appeared abroad in prestigious journals such as VOLT and the Boston Review, whose Poetry Contest he won in 2006. Locally, his works have appeared in Starweek, the Diliman Review and the Philippines Free Press, as well as anthologies published by the UP Press and UST Press. His chapbooks are How Sound Becomes a Name, Nouveau Bored, and Atomic Neutral. His first book, Have, will be published by Tupelo Press in Vermont, US, in October 2011. He is also a practicing visual artist and curator.

Date and Time:
Sun, Jun 26, 2011 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Sun, Jul 3, 2011 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Sun, Jul 10, 2011 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Online Course: Feature Writing Workshop

Lecture : July 15, 2011

Workshop : July 22, 2011

6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Online classes: between July 18 to 20, 2011

The Filipinas Heritage Library invites everyone with a knack for storytelling and an interest in discussing current issues and other topics of relevance to learn about the art and craft of feature writing through this online introductory workshop.

This Online Course: Feature Writing Workshop will focus on the basics of writing a feature story. It will help participants find and develop stories behind various topics, and focus on writing at a more personal level and in a more narrative style. Participants will also learn what defines a feature story, and its different types and styles.

Workshop fee is Php 3,500 inclusive of handouts, materials, snacks, and certificate. A down payment of Php 1000 is required to reserve a slot. The deadline for reservations is July 8, 2011. A 5 percent discount will be given to those who pay in full on or before the deadline.

Payments can be given in cash, check , or through credit card.

For inquiries, please call Joy de Asis- Villaflores at 892-1801 loc. 27, send an SMS to 0917-561-2413, or email deasis.ms@ayalafoundation.org, or visit www.filipinaslibrary.org.ph.

Writing for Online Readers

Lecture: July 12, 2011

Workshop: July 28, 2011

6:00pm to 9:00pm

Online classes between July 14 to July 26, 2011

How do you get your message across a global, virtual environment where a deluge of information is triggered by a click of a key or mouse? Learn how to write for online readers with this online writing course by Carljoe Javier.

The course will concentrate on writing effectively for the web but will also tackle the basic how-tos of working in the virtual space. Topics such as structuring content, different writing styles, crafting catchy headlines or titles, writing material for a specific audience, and maximizing this vehicle to attract your target readers will be discussed. Participants will also be given exercises in varying degrees of difficulty that will work towards the creation of their own web space.

Workshop fee is Php 3,500.00 inclusive of handouts, materials, snacks, and a certificate. A non-refundable down payment of Php 1,000 is required to reserve a slot. The deadline for reservations is July 4, 2011. A 5 percent discount will be given to those who pay in full on or before the deadline.

For inquiries, please call Joy de Asis-Villaflores at 892-1801, send an SMS to 0917-561-2413, or email deasis.ms@ayalafoundation.org, or visit www.filipinaslibrary.org.ph.

Workshop on Food Writing

August 23, 26, and 31, 2011

6:00pm to 9:00pm

Blend your love for food with your love of writing! Writing about the culinary arts is one of the best-not to mention the most delicious-ways of sharing your gastronomical experiences.

This online workshop by the Filipinas Heritage Library is an introductory course to food writing. This workshop aims to teach the fundamental principles of writing about food: (1) passion, (2) precision, and (3) clarity. The principles will aid the participants in narrating experiences and describing tastes and textures using clear and concise language.

Ginny Mata teaches English and Creative Writing at the University of the Philippines Diliman, where she specializes in teaching food writing as a form of non-fiction. She has written for Good Housekeeping, Marie Claire, the Sunday Inquirer Magazine, and has also worked on several books on food, namely A is for Adobo (Tahanan Publishing) and Bukidnon: The Filipino Frontier. She is currently working on the topic of food culture for her graduate thesis in Creative Writing in UP Diliman

The workshop fee is Php 3,500 inclusive of workshop handouts, materials, and a certificate. A down payment of Php 1,000 is required for slot reservation. The deadline for reservations is August 12, 2011. A 5 percent discount will be given to those who pay in full on or before the deadline.

Payments can be given in cash, check, or through credit card.

*Discount does not apply to credit card transactions

For inquiries, please call Joy de Asis - Villaflores at 892-1801 loc. 27, send an SMS to 0917-561-2413, or email deasis.ms@ayalafoundation.org, or visit www.filipinaslibrary.org.ph.

June 24, 2011

Pannakabangon dagiti central fire station, naibilin

Nangipaulog ti Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) iti direktiba para iti liderato ti Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) a mangibilbilin iti pannakaipasdek ti Central Fire Station (BFP-CFS) iti amin a lokalidad iti sibubukel a pagilian nangruna kadagiti ili nga awanan iti fire station.

Segun ken ni DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo, naipalaon iti direktiba ti pagalagadan a ti BFP-Central Fire Station (CFS) ti agserbi a sentro ti nagkaykaysa a sistema iti panagresponde kadagiti insidente ti uram ken sabsabali pay a kapadana nga insidente nga asideg iti munisipalidad nga awanan iti fire station.

Daytoy nga addang ni Robredo ti sungbat iti panagkurkurang dagiti fire station kadagiti 654 a local government unit iti sibubukel a pagilian ken 666 a sabsabali pay nga awanan iti fire truck.

Segun ken ni Robredo, iti pannakitinnulong ti District/Provincial Fire Marshal, masapul a maaddaan ti BFP Regional Director iti Central Fire Station nga asideg kadagiti munisipalidad nga awanan iti fire station segun iti kinaasideg ken kinalakana a madanon.

Kuna ni Robredo a ti kaasitgan a city/municipal fire station a nalaka a makadanon kadagitoy a munisipalidad ti maibilang a Central Fire Station, ket ti City/Municipal Fire Marshal (C/MFM) dayta a fire station ti agbalin a concurrent fire marshal.

Ti Central Fire Marshal ti makiuman iti nakatakem a Fire Prevention Officer ti munisipalidad nga awanan iti fire station para iti pannakaadal dagiti plano para iti insidente ti uram ken pannakaorganisar ti fire brigade.

Bannawag, Hulio 4, 2011, panid 38.

Join the Ubbog Cordillera Young Writers Creative Writing Workshop

Be one of the fifteen fellows. This workshop is open to all aspiring writers from the Cordilleras, at least sixteen years old, especially those writing in the Cordillera languages.

This will be on July 3, 10, 17, 2011 at the Benguet State University, La Trinidad, Benguet.The Resident Critics will be Prof. Grace Celeste T. Subido and Mr. Scott Magkachi Saboy. Guest Critics will be Ms. Monica Macansantos, Mr. Francis Macansantos, and Mr. Franklin Cimatu.

SUBMIT the following:

1. Original and unpublished works with Filipino or English translation, any of the following: three poems, one short story, or two essays.

2. A brief bio-data

ENTRY to be submitted in Microsoft format to: ubbogcordillera@gmail.com

DEADLINE of submission of entries:25 June 2011.

For inquiries please contact: 09126582750; ubbogcordillera@gmail.com; or ubbog_cordillera@yahoogroups.com

June 23, 2011

Edukasion, adda iti "state of calamity"

Inako ni Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Armin Luistro a sobra ti kinadakkel ti parikut a sangsanguen ti nasao a departamento.

"Agkurkurangtayo iti siled-pagadalan, pasilidad ken titser," kinuna ni Luistro.

Immunan nga impakaammo ti Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) a makuna nga adda iti "state of calamity" ti edukasion iti pagilian.

Segun ken ni France Castro a secretary-general ti ACT, gapu daytoy iti panakairaremen ti sektor ti edukasion gapu kadagiti adu a parikut a sangsanguen ti DepEd.

"Malaksid iti kinaawan ti umdas a siled-pagadalan, pasilidad ken titser, pinakaro pay ti gobierno gapu iti pannakaipatungpal ti universal kindergarten," kinuna ni Castro.

Tapno marisut ti problema, imbalakad ti grupo a mangaprobar ti Kongreso iti supplemental budget para iti nasao a programa.

Imbatad met ni Sek. Luistro a yar-aramidanda iti pamuspusan tapno marisut ti nasao a buong ti ulo babaen ti pannakapatakder dagiti pasdek-pagadalan iti tulong dagiti nadumaduma nga stakeholder a kas kadagiti local government unit iti babaen ti counterparting system, ti wagas a mapagguguduaan ti gastos.

Bannawag, Hulio 4, 2011, panid 38

June 22, 2011

Pag-IBIG kadagiti OFW, nayawis

Inyawis ni Vice President ken Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council Chair Jejomar C. Binay kadagiti amin nga Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), imigrante a Filipino ken naturalisado a makipagili, nga ag-avail-da iti Pag-IBIG Overseas Program. Impalagip ni Binay nga inkapilitan (mandatory) kadagiti amin nga agtrabtrabaho a Filipino ti Pag-IBIG membership, kas sagudayen ti Republic Act 9679.

Bannawag, Hulio 4, 2011, panid 39.

June 20, 2011

Setiembre a panaglukat ti klase, maadal a nasayaat – Luistro

Nasken a maadal a nasayaat ti singasing a pannakayakar ti panaglukat dagiti klase manipud iti Hunio iti Setiembre, kas kinuna ni Education Secretary Armin Luistro.

Mainaig daytoy iti napabaro a kiddaw a pannakayakar ti panaglukat dagiti klase gapu met laeng iti pannakakansela dagiti klase iti elementaria ken haiskul iti Kamanilaan iti umuna pay laeng a lawas ti klase kalpasan ti panagtudona iti napigsa a nangibunga met iti pannakalayus ti sumagmamano a lugar iti Kamanilaan ken kabangibangna a lugar.

Kuna dagiti mangyen-endorso iti pannakayakar ti panaglukat dagiti klase a gagangay a panawen ti bagyo iti Filipinas iti Hulio ken Agosto ngarud rumbeng laeng a mangrugi koma ti klase iti Setiembre ken aggibus iti Hunio tapno mailiklik dagiti ubbing iti peligro nga ibunga ti kinadakes ti panawen.

Nupay kasta, naammuan a maibatay iti immunan a surbey nga inwayat ti DepEd, ad-adu ti pabor a mapagtalinaed ti Hunio a kas panaglukat dagiti klase ta gagangay a ti met laeng Kamanilaan ken sumagmamano a paset ti Luzon ti malaylayus iti panawen ti tudtudo.

Maysa pay, gagangay pay a maang-angay dagiti piesta iti Abril ken Mayo; ngarud, mabalin a maapektaran dagiti klase no maisanud ti panaglukat dagiti klase ta karaman no kuan a panawen ti panageskuela ti Abril ken Mayo.

(Bannawag, Hunio 30, 2011, panid 38.)

Hero's revolutionary spirit reclaimed

In celebration of the 150th year of Rizal's birth, John Nery'sRevolutionary Spirit, an exhaustive study of Rizal, his works, and hisinfluence in Southeast Asia, has been published by the Ateneo deManila University Press, in cooperation with Singapore's Institute ofSoutheast Asian Studies (ISEAS).

In collecting material for and working on this book's engaginglywritten chapters, Nery sought to discern Rizal's impact on Asia andamong Asian intellectuals by studying Rizal himself, getting to knowhim more, and finding out how his contemporaries saw him. In theprocess he encounters and discusses at length many influentialmisreadings.

Noted historian Fr. John N. Schumacher, SJ, finds that Nery "breaksmuch newer ground in the larger part of the book, demonstrating therole Rizal played in inspiring Indonesian nationalists." Malaysianauthor Shaharuddin Maaruf likewise recognizes Nery's contribution toan insightful examination of a great life as well as to an enriched"Southeast Asian philosophy of history."

In his preface, the author cites a Social Weather Stations survey thatreports Rizal's "preeminence in the Philippine pantheon withunprecedented clarity, 150 years after his birth" among itsrespondents. The author contends that while this finding would nothave surprised Rizal's contemporaries, including Bonifacio, manycollege-educated Filipinos have been "taught that Rizal wasinsufficiently nationalistic, a patriot compromised by his class, aseparatist undone by his scruples" according to the most influentialhistory texts of the second half of the 20th century.

Through an impressive bibliography in Spanish, Indonesian, Dutch,English and Tagalog, the author rigorously shows that thisinterpretation is seriously inadequate. Further the author likewiseproves that Rizal's status as foremost Filipino hero can also bediscerned in how the Indonesians and Malaysians appropriated him inthe movement for independence, and in how he figures in the region'sintellectual, political and literary discourse.

John Nery, PDI senior editor, is a visiting research fellow at theISEAS, and the first Sandra Burton Nieman Fellow in Journalism atHarvard University (2011-2012). He has been cited for hisinvestigative reports and opinion journalism.

Revolutionary Spirit: Jose Rizal in Southeast Asia is available at the Ateneo Press bookshop, Bellarmine Hall, Ateneo de Manila University,Loyola Heights campus, and soon in bookstores nationwide

Sent to my yahoo account (arieltabag@yahoo.com) from http://www.ateneopress.org/

June 18, 2011


FILIPINO DAYTOY KABASSITAN A TAO ITI LUBONG. Nagpaala iti ladawan ni Junrey Balawing iti potograpo ti Guinness World Records kalpasan ti serye ti panagrukod iti Sindangan Health Center, Sindangan, Zamboanga Del Norte idi Hunio 11, 2011. Indeklara ni Guinness official Craig Glenday ni Junrey, kagiddan ti maika-18 a kasangayna iti Hunio 12, 2011, a kas kabassitan a sibibiag a tao iti lubong iti rukod a 24 ken ¼ a pulgada. Inatiw ni Junrey ti agdama a record holder a ni Khagenda Thapa Magar iti Nepal, nga addaan rukod a 26.4 pulgada ti katayagna. (Rinetrato ti AP)

Bannawag, Hunio 27, 2011, panid 38.

June 15, 2011

DoH, namallaag kontra sakit iti panagtutudo

Gapu iti ilalas-uden kadagiti bulan a matutudo, namalaag ti Departamento ti Salun-at (DoH) kadagiti umili nga agannad kadagiti sakit a mabalin a maalada iti tiempo ti tudtudo.

Partikular a binallaagan ti DoH dagiti nagannak a siguraduenda koma a natalged dagiti annak kontra kadagiti sakit a maala iti panawen ti panagtutudo, nangruna ket sumsumrek dagitoy iti eskuelaan.

Segun ken ni DoH Secretary Enrique Ona, masansan a dagiti sakit a maala iti tiempo ti tudtudo ket uyek, panateng, trangkaso, ken leptospirosis.

Namallaag met ti Sekretario nga agannad iti dengue fever a masansan met a mangbiktima iti panawen ti panagtutudo.

Balakad ni Ona a no madin ti marikrikna ti ubing, ken addaan makita a simtoma ti uyek ken panateng, dagus koman nga ikkan iti agas, ket saanen a pastreken iti eskuelaan.

Nasayaat met no agaruat kadagiti long sleeves ken leggings dagiti ubbing tapno saan a makagat iti lamok.

Innayon pay ni Ona a siguraduen koma dagiti nagannak nga adda balon dagiti ubbing a kapote ken payong a mausarda a proteksion iti tudo.

Bannawag, Hunio 27, 2011, panid 38.

Hm, diyo kabkabilen dagiti estudianteyo, a?

tImpalagip ti Departamento ti Edukasion (DepEd) ti pagalagadan ti nasao nga ahensia kontra iti corporal punishment wenno panagkabil kadagiti estudiante.

Kuna ni DepEd Region 7 Assistant Director Carmelita Culangon a no agkabil ti maysa a mangisursuro iti estudiante, mabalin a maikkat daytoy iti trabaho, nupay adda proseso a suroten ti DepEd iti panangrisutna kadagiti kaso iti corporal punishment.

Kuna ti nasao nga opisial nga awan dulianan daytoy corporal punishment iti panangabuso iti ubing, kas sagudayen ti RA 7610 (Anti-Child Abuse Law).

Iti babaen ti DepEd order a naipaulog idi 1992, addaan iti karbengan dagiti opisial ti pagadalan ken dagiti mangisursuro a mangipaay iti umisu ken maitutop a panangdisiplina kadagiti estudiante ngem saan a ti panagusar iti kinadangkok, pisikal man wenno mental, iti asino man nga estudiante.

Dagiti opisial ti pagadalan wenno dagiti mangisursuro a mangbalusingsing iti nasao a pagalagadan, maidarum, saan laeng nga iti kaso nga administratibo no di pay ket iti kaso a kriminal.

Nangiruar metten ti DepEd iti order idi 2006 a mangibilbilin kadagiti amin nga opisial dagiti eskuelaan a siguraduenda a makitinnulongda iti lokal a gobierno, polisia ken social welfare office tapno maliklikan dagiti riribuk a parnuayen dagiti gang wenno fraternity.

Bannawag, Hunio 27, 2011, panid 38.

Agannad, amangan no kolorum ti eskuela ti anakmo

Agdagup iti 3,000 a pribado a pagadalan iti sibubukel a pagilian ti awan permitna, kas impakaammo ti Departamento ti Edukasion (DepEd) bayat ti panaglukat dagiti klase iti elementaria ken haiskul itay Hunio 6.

Kuna ti DepEd a maserraan dagitoy a pagadalan no agtuloy ti dida panangtungpal kadagiti pagalagadan ti gobierno.

Kinuna ni DepEd Assistant Secretary Jesus Mateo a kadagupan ti 10,797 a pribado nga elementaria ken sekundaria a pagadalan iti Filipinas, mapan a 25 porsiento wenno 3,000 kadagitoy ti natakuatan nga awanan iti permit, recognition, wenno accreditation.

Kas ballaag, impaulog ti DepEd ti Order No. 38, series of 2011 kas sungbat dagiti reklamo kontra kadagiti pribado a pagadalan nga awanan iti permit.

Kinuna ni Mateo a maikkan iti deadline dagitoy a pagadalan a mangala iti permit; no saan, maserraanen dagitoy.

Kiniddaw met ni Mateo kadagiti nagannak a siguraduenda koma nga adda permit ti pagadalan a nangyenrolanda iti anakda tapno saandanto nga agproblema iti masanguanan.

Tapno maammuan dagiti nagannak no legal ti kaadda ti pagadalan ti anakda, ammuenda koma no addaan daytoy iti “Permit to Operate” manipud iti DepEd ken addaan iti “Business Permit” manipud iti makasakup a gobierno lokal. Mabalinda pay ti agsaludsod kadagiti DepEd division offices.

Bannawag, Hunio 20, 2011 a bilang, panid 38.

June 14, 2011

Awan diborsiotayo, dayaw ti Filipinas, kuna ‘toy arsobispo

Maysa a dakkel a dayaw para iti Filipinas ti kinapudno a daytoy laengen a pagilian iti lubong ti kakaisuna nga awanan iti linteg a mangipalubos iti diborsio.

Daytoy ti kinuna ni Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz, dati a pangulo ti Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).Segun ken ni Cruz, imbes nga itandudo ti diborsio, rebbengna koma pay ketdi nga ipagpannakkel dagiti Filipino nga awan ti diborsio iti pagilian.

Segun iti arsobispo, kayatna a sawen a nagtalinaed latta kadagiti Filipino ti panangipateg iti pamilia, nga isu met ti “cultural identity” ti Filipinas.

Impaganetget pay ni Cruz a ti kinairut ti panagtitipkel ti pamilia Filipino ti am-ammo iti sangalubongan, ket rebbengna laeng ngarud a pagtalinaeden daytoy.

Malaksid iti estado ti Vatican City, ti laengen Filipinas ti kakaisuna a pagilian iti lubong nga awanan iti linteg iti diborsio, kalpasan a nagbalin a legal itay nabiit ti diborsio iti Malta, a maysa met a Katoliko a pagilian.

Bannawag, Hunio 20, 2011, panid 38.

OFWs, mabalindan ti mapan iti Bahrain

Imbilin ti gobierno ti pannakaibabawin ti travel ban kadagiti overseas Filipino workers iti Bahrain, kalpasan a naisubli iti normal ti situasion ti nasao a pagilian, kas pinasingkedan met laeng ni Philippine Ambassador to Bahrain Corazon Bahjin.

Bannawag, Hunio 20, 2011, panid 38.

June 13, 2011

Silulukaten! Salip iti Sarita ti 14th AMMAFLA

Imatonan daytoy da Alfredo ken Cherry Quibol, Francisco ken Aurora Ponce, ken da Amado ken Gloria Yoro, kas iti sigud, agpaay ti pasalip kadagiti agdadamo a mannurat iti Iluko a “kas pangaron iti reggetda a mangpatadem pay iti plumada.”

Agdagup met iti P25,500.00 ti premio a pagbibingayan dagiti mangabak.

Adtoy ti kompleto a pagannurotan:

1. Mangrugi ti salip iti Mayo 23, 2011 ket aggibus daytoy iti Enero 31, 2012.

2. Agpaay laeng ti salip kadagiti agdadamo a mannurat iti Iluko. Itoy a pasalip, maibilang nga agdadamo ti mannurat no awan pay ti naipablaak a saritana iti Bannawag. No adda man, di koma nasursurok ngem tallo ti naipablaakna agingga iti Mayo 16, 2011 a bilang ti nasao a magasin.

3. Siwawayawaya ti autor a mangpili iti topiko ti isalipna a sarita.

4. Agatiddog ti sarita iti 10-15 a panid iti short bond paper, naimakinilia, wenno saan, naikompiuter iti doble espasio (Times Roman Medium 12 pts. iti computer), ken adda espasio wenno margin a maysa a pulgada iti amin nga igid ti papel.

5. Maysa laeng a sarita ti mabalin nga isalip ti tunggal autor.

6. Nasken nga orihinal, di pay naipablaak wenno naadaw iti ania man a sinurat ti isalip. Nasken met a saan a naipatarus ti pakisalip manipud iti sabali a lengguahe ken nasken a bukod a putar ti autor ti pakisalipna.

7. Ti parbo a nagan ti autor ti agparang a naganna a kas autor ti sarita. Ipatulod ti pakisalip iti uppat a nadalus a kopia ken pakuyogan iti narikpan a sobre a naglaon iti pudno ken parbo a nagan ti autor, paulo ti pakisalip, kaudian a ladawan ken ababa a pakasaritaan ti biag ti autor, adres ti agdama a pagnaedan, agraman e-mail address ken numero ti selpon wenno telepono a mabalin a pakakontakan iti autor. Iti rabaw ti sobre, isurat ti paulo ti sarita ken parbo a nagan ti autor.

8. Ipatulod ti pakisalip babaen ti koreo wenno personal nga idatag ti pakisalip itoy nga adres: Short Story Writing Contest, 14th AMMAFLA, c/o Bannawag, Manila Bulletin Publishing Corp., Muralla corner Recoletos Sts., Intramuros, 1002 Manila. Nasken a maawat ti Bannawag ti pakisalip iti di naladladaw ngem iti Enero 31, 2012. Saan a mairaman iti salip ti entry a maawat kalpasan dayta a petsa.

9. Dagiti gunggona: Umuna a Gunggona, P10,000.00; Maikadua, P8,500.00; ken Maikatlo, P7,000.00. Maipaayan pay dagiti mangabak iti sertipiko ti pammadayaw. Adda met karbengan dagiti hurado a mangkissay iti bilang dagiti mangabak no awan ti makapatar iti bukodda a pagbatayan dagiti mangabak. Mabalinda met ti mangparnuay iti sabali a gunggona, no kasapulan.

10. Mapakaammuanto dagiti mangabak no kaano ken sadino ti pakapadayawanda. No met matakuatan a sinalungasing ti mangabak ti Pagannurotan Blng. 2 ken/wenno 6, maibabawi ti premiona ken mapawilanton a makisalip iti ania man a pasalip ti AMMAFLA.

Naipablaak iti Bannawag. Binulodko laeng ti ladawan iti Google.

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